Garmon Chemicals is the leader in the R&D and marketing of total chemical solutions for the apparel industry. A call for pioneering evolution, far-reaching and experimental, in the name of a better tomorrow.
Operating in more than thirty countries, Garmon Chemicals is currently a network of subsidiaries and agents able to distribute the continuous flow of innovation that springs from the global headquarters in San Marino. With production venues, distribution and technical assistance in strategic textile areas around the world, Garmon Chemicals ensures a capillary distribution of both chemical products and related know-how.

about us
We are a customer-centric R&D powerhouse geared towards innovation, with the goal of guiding change in the garment industry.
Rooted in Italian's tradition and passion for design, Garmon Chemicals is the essence of chemistry at the service of fashion. Garmon Chemicals aims at developing a sense of science-driven, inspiring creativity for a cutting edge, creative community of customers.


We define environmentally conscious chemistry that breaks new frontiers.

Courage and innovation - we are courageous pioneers. We equip our customers with the product innovation they need to be successful. We always push the limits and challenge conventional belief.

Conscience and responsibility - we do the right thing. We are always straightforward and everything we do is rooted in truth.

Empathy - we walk in other's shoes. We listen and respond to the needs of our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Speed and flexibility - we move forward quickly. It is almost impossible to predict where the world will be 5 days from now. But we will be there.


Since its birth in 1982, Garmon Chemicals established itself at the very centre of a narrative that talks about innovative chemical auxiliaries and solutions. For over 30 years, Garmon Chemicals has been an R&D and marketing platform for fashion innovation and a reference for product quality and responsible practices. Hereafter are some of the most noteworthy innovations.
1984 - Garmon Chemicals partners with Colgate-Palmolive to kick off the game-changing programmatic system (based on liquid detergents and automatic dosing unit for industrial laundries), adopted and adapted by Benetton for their garment processing (saving on chemicals, packaging and transportation).

1985 - In Italy, Garmon Chemicals pioneers enzyme applications in garment processing (reducing pumice stones, saving time and improving overall quality).

1998 - In close collaboration with Levi's and Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili, Garmon Chemicals provides the required know-how for the first patented garment resination (glyoxalic resins).

2001 - Garmon Chemicals is the first company to distribute laser technology in Italy.

2007 - Garmon Chemicals rocks the market with its green line, adopted by the Levi's brand as key ingredient of its eco line.

2010 - Garmon Chemicals registers the patent for legafinish fast, the break-through sustainable resin that sets a whole new technical standard (zero formaldehyde, low curing, back-end application, better cotton quality).

2015 - Garmon Chemicals introduces the very first range of chemical auxiliaries ever assessed through GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals (assessment method owned and managed by the US-based NGO Clean Production Action ).

2015 - Garmon Chemicals launches avol oxy white, the first and only true safer alternative to potassium permanganate for denim bleaching applications.

2015 - Garmon Chemicals presents optima, a series of highly eco-efficient washing solutions based on GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals.

2016 - Garmon Chemicals unveils nimbus, the original range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically selected to be nebulized in closed systems. (up to 80% of water savings and important energy savings).

2017 - Garmon Chemicals discloses geopower nps™, a highly innovative compound that, by replacing pumice stone in denim stone-washing, will have a world-shattering impact through the entire value chain.

2017 - Garmon Chemicals is among the first organizations to enter a significant number of trade names (over 150) in ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Chemical Gateway.
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