Garmon R&D is the place where knowledge and passion are instruments of change.

chemical r&d
Garmon Chemicals R&D is where our chemists create solutions that could come from no other place. There is no playing to the conventions of the category; there is no playing to the lowest common denominator.
Our R&D is more than a chemical laboratory. It is the innovator soul. It is Garmon Chemicals' beating heart. The place where ideas are born and developed. Supported by latest generation technologies, our R&D is a dynamic, open-minded environment that defines new standards of excellence. Our R&D team is aware of the relentless fashion drumbeat and therefore constantly manages dozens of projects, whose common denominator is surprising fashion effects.

applicative r&d

With dynamism, experience and attention to the environment, our highly specialized team of chemists and technicians pushes the boundaries of textile chemistry every day, challenging conventional beliefs.
Day by day, our applicative R&D commits to the development of innovative applications and formulas for garments. Their ultimate goal is to enable outstanding treatments that definitely benefit apparel brands, retailers and their customers.

outsourced r&d services
The Italian Job (TIJ) is a Research & Design studio entirely based on Garmon's chemistry. The place where chemistry meets fashion.
The Italian Job is geared towards innovation in apparel. TIJ mavens drive design executions with the goal of developing new products aesthetics. By following those unwritten rules of excellence inherent to Italian craftsmanship, TIJ creates unique solutions that merge refined chemistry and outstanding Italian design.

Seasonal collections are the tools TIJ deploys to surprise and delight their customers. Their best kept secret is an archive of thousands of chemical combinations and effects on garments, presented in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.
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